Hex Beam

From : K2JXW
Sent : Tuesday, October 17, 2006 1:30 PM
Subject : K2JXW’s Hex Beam

A few have been asking about the new Hex Beam that I just installed. I purchased it from Trafie Technology (see web site at http://hexbeam.com and was able to assemble it in less than an hour from a sitting position in my WHEELCHAIR. Mine is a 20M monobander, but 5-band models are available, albeit a bit pricey ($900 or so). The construction is supurb — every part fit exactly and went together exactly as described. Light weight (a pound or so) and compact (9-ft turning radius), this thing went up easily on a 30-ft fiberglass mast, again whilst in my wheelchair.

Now, if you dont want to buy the commercial version, construction of an easy and cheap homebrew 5-band version is described at http://www.leoshoemaker.com/hexbeambyk4kio/general.html

C U on the air with a signal about 3 S-units stronger than previously.

73 from K2JXW and the
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society,
with 1400 members and over 10,000
subscribers, the largest lighthouse
society of its kind in the world!


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