Blue Ridge Parkway DXpedition prep

I think I’m going to limit the Blue Ridge Parkway trip to just one RV destination. The main limitations being time, fuel costs, and RV camp costs… it just makes sense to limit this first trip to a location that is not too far away and attempt to keep the costs down.

The destination will be the town of Crozet, Virginia near the northern entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Looks like there is a lot to do in the area.

Here’s a listing of Charlottesville area local repeaters:
– 146.76 (151.4 Hz), Located on Carter’s Mountain south of Charlottesville.
– 146.925 (151.4 Hz), Located on Martha Jefferson Hospital in Eastern Charlottesville.
– 444.250 (151.4 Hz)
– 442.075 (151.4 Hz)
– 224.76 (no tone)
– 145.03 Digipeater
– 144.39 Two APRS Digipeaters

Nearby Waynesboro:
– 147.075 (

Maybe in Crozet?:
– 146.895

Here’s a link to repeaters that support the Appalachian Trail, part of which runs through the Blue Ridge Parkway:


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